Univ.-Prof. Wolfram Weckwerth

Department für Ökogenomik und Systembiologie

Mail: wolfram.weckwerth@univie.ac.at
Telefon: +43-1-4277-76550



  • System-theoretical concepts in Biology
  • Development of genome-wide metabolomics and proteomics/phosphoproteomics technologies as elementary systems biology techniques, high throughput profiling (HTP) in systems biology, data integration; combining experimental approaches with multivariate statistics, pattern recognition and modeling of metabolism: “emergence” in plants, animals and microbes.
  • Development of theoretical models based on multivariate statistics for the biological interpretation of HTP data, calculation of biochemical regulation – the “differential Jacobian” – from HTP data.
  • Plant genotype-phenotype interaction; plant phenotypic plasticity including stress, growth, developmental and nutritional physiology.
  • Personalzed medicine: metabolomic and proteomic analysis of biofluids, data integration and human physiology.
  • Metabolomics and proteomics – assisted genome annotation and reconstruction of genome-wide metabolic and regulatory networks in plant, microbial and other model systems like Arabidopsis thaliana (dicot), Chlamydomonas reinhardtii (green alga), Medicago truncatula (legume) and others, applications of metabolomics and proteomics to non-sequenced species like tomato, potato, plant communities, microbiomes etc.
  • Databases, data management and data mining.